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Equipment List


Our inventory is constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients.

Although we concentrate mainly on providing systems as a whole, select equipment is available for daily rental by the piece. 

If you have your own sound company and need some extra equipment or assistance call us. 

For Complete system rental for your event please call us and get a quote.


Call For Pricing


QSC KLA12 (1000 watt powered 12" Line Array Speaker)

QSC KW153 (1000w 3 way powered 15" Main)
QSC KW181 (1000 watt powered 18" subwoofer)
QSC K12 (1000 watt powered 12" mon/main)
QSC K8 (1000 watt powered 8" speaker)


Midas M32

Soundcraft Si Impact (32ch)

Soundcraft Si Expression 1 (16ch)

Mackie DL1608 iPad Mixer (16ch, 6 aux)
Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2
Allen Heath MixWizard FOH Rack
    (Complete Analog Rack for Small Band)
 (Incl. Comps/Gates & EQ's for 4 Monitor Mixes) 


48 x 8 200' CBI w/ 50' Split ground lifts on box
    (Trunk mounted)
16 x 4 100' CBI
6ch 50' CBI drop snake
12ch CBI 50' drop snake
6ch Medusa 50' drop snake
12ch Medusa 25' drop snake


Motorola CP200 UHF radio w/ shoulder mic
    (rent all six and and the 6 gang charger is included)



Shure SM58, SM57
    Audix OM3, I5, D1, D2, Sennheiser E604
Shure Beta 57, Beta 58, SM94
    Audix OM5, OM6, D4
Shure Beta 52A
    Audix OM7
Audix ADX51, VX5
Shure Beta 87A, Beta 91A
Shure Beta 81 Cardioid Condenser
Audix drum mic pack
    (I5, D2 x 2, D4, D6)


Sennheiser Wireless Mic
    (Handheld ,Lavalier or Instrument)
Sennheiser Wireless Mic 4 Pack
    (Handheld, Lavalier and Instrument)
Sennheiser Wireless Camera Mount Mic ENG Kit

Mic Stands

DR Pro & K&M Boom
Round base Straight
Round base w/ quick release and trigger height adj
Kick drum Boom Stand
Stage Ninja gooseneck
Audix Cab Grabber


Moving Heads

Chauvet Legend 550 Spot
    (2 moving heads in road case)

Blizzard BladeQFX LED moving head

LED Pars

SlimPar Pro Tri LED
    (6 to a bar with Mega Clamps) (Stand alone or DMX)
Chauvet SlimPar ProTri
Chauvet SlimPar VW white and amber LED
Chauvet SlimPar Quad6 IRC

    (6 x 5 watt Quad colored LED

ColorKey White LED Par

Follow Spots

Chauvet LED Followspot 75

Other Effect Lighting

Blizzard Cobzilla white 5 x 5 Blinder pixel fixture
Blizzard SnowBlind Strobe


Elation DMX Operator Pro Controller
    (136ch DMX Intelligent + Par controller)
American DJ 16ch DMX Controller
Elation Magic 260 260 Channel DMX Controller


Hazebase Base Hazer Pro (includes fluid)

Lifts & Truss

18' 440lb Cap Lift

46' of 12" Global Truss aluminum box truss

35lb Sandbags


Stage Distro w/ 2 Twist Lock

220 VAC Plugs and 6 duplex edisons

Quad box stage power drops 50'

Multi Outlet Ext cord spaced evenly 25'

Cable Protector Ramp 5 channel 3ft long
6' 4" x 7' ladder type scaffolding sets
    (Dark Blue in Color)
6' x 3' rolling scaffold
Cricket cable test set
Cable Continuity tester
Speaker / lighting Stands